Precision irrigation technology helps farmers improve water resource management and adapt to the effects of climate change

US-based precision irrigation company WiseConn is to expand its product offering in Europe with the launch of its RF-V1 field device, designed to simplify the control of valves in its DropControl irrigation system, in the second half of 2024.

WiseConn B

Cristobal Rivas, CEO of WiseConn

WiseConn’s patented DropControl technology helps farmers improve water resource management and adapt to the effects of climate change. It currently has 20,000 monitoring and control devices installed on more than 300,000ha in Chile, the US, Mexico, Peru, Australia, New Zealand and Turkey.

“Europe is facing critical challenges due to the effect of climate change and extreme weather events, the company said in a press release. “Agriculture is facing a major challenge to meet growing food demand while limiting soil degradation, air and water pollution, and adapting to climate change impacts. Managing water resources and controlling irrigation in an efficient and sustainable way is even more imperative to guarantee a sustainable and productive future to such a vital sector.”

DropControl allows farmers to optimise water management in the field by remotely controlling irrigation and fertigation as needed. It consists of a hardware and software system to manage the resources in the field and make intuitive decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

The field devices, which are installed in the ground and connected to each other, collect data such as weather conditions, soil moisture, and plant humidity, and transmit them to a cloud platform accessible via computers and smartphones.

DropControl also enables the activation, deactivation, and adjustment of the irrigation system, consisting of pumps, valves, and other components present in the field. The system can be adapted to any type of crop and size of farms, offering customizable solutions to meet the diverse needs of farmers.

“Integrated with advanced features such as direct cloud communication through LoRa Network and NFC technology, RF-V1 offers an affordable solution for farmers of all sizes and crops to optimise their irrigation processes,” the company said.

Headquartered in Fresno, California, WiseConn operates in Europe through its subsidiary, WiseConn Europe, which has offices in Trento (Northern Italy) and Madrid (Spain).

Cristian Duschner, Western Europe regional manager of WiseConn Europe, commented: “Our goal is to support European farmers in conserving water and optimising resource management in the field, thereby increasing plant health and improving productivity.

“However, all of this must be accompanied by a technological solution that is not only efficient and of high quality but also easy to use and adaptable to any type of crop. For this reason, we are constantly striving to enhance our patented DropControl technology to offer even better functionality that meets every need in the field of irrigation and fertigation.

“Moreover, our technology is highly versatile and lends itself to integration with other innovative solutions from partner companies. In Europe, we are forging essential partnerships that enable us to provide a comprehensive service”.