Nergi kiwiberries

Nergi berries

Branded kiwiberry Nergi will hit UK retail shelves for the first time this autumn amid a range of marketing and promotional activities.

The berry, which is described as a mini kiwi, is set to be available from September to November. It has been cultivated in limited numbers in the Netherlands, France, Portugal and Italy since 2013, and has been marketed through French company Primland and New Zealand-marketer Fruitworld.

Production has increased every year and is expected to reach one million packs of 125g for the 2015 season, up from 600,000 units last year.

With a recommended retail price of €2.50 (£1.80) per pack, Nergi will be distributed to UK retailers and foodservice suppliers. It stores for up to three days at room temperature and up to a week if refrigerated.

It will be promoted as a ready-to-eat, healthy and convenient snack, with no need to peel and easy to add to other meals, such as salads.

A programme of in-store retail tastings will be supported by social media, leaflets, branded freebies and recipe development from French blogger and chef Anne Demay.

As well as the UK, Nergi marketers are targeting other countries with a ‘dynamic’ berry sector, including France, Germany, Italy and Benelux.

Nergi’s sales and marketing development is coordinated by French marketer Sofruileg.