The grower group will serve up thousands of strawberries at upcoming mud-runs in a bid to promote the benefits of eating berries

Tough Mudder

The grower group will distribute strawberries at the upcoming Manchester and London Tough Mudder events

British Berry Growers, the industry body representing 95 per cent of British berries, has announced its partnership with Tough Mudder, an internationally recognised obstacle course and mud run.

The group said the collaboration promotes healthy eating and active lifestyles, focusing on the nutritional benefits of fresh berries.

As part of the partnership, British Berry Growers will have a presence at the upcoming Tough Mudder events in Manchester on 15-16 July, and London South on 23-24 September.

Some 30,000 strawberries will be handed out at the upcoming Manchester event, encouraging Brits to eat fresh berries, British Berry Growers said.

Tough Mudder features a notorious obstacle course with creative challenges along the route, alongside an obstacle course designed for kids—both requiring collaboration and teamwork to succeed. The Manchester event will see an estimated 8,000 attendees, and 12,000 attendees are expected at London South.

The partnership aligns with British Berry Growers’ Nature’s Vitamin campaign, which highlights the nutritional value and health benefits of fresh berries. The inclusion of strawberries at the physically demanding Tough Mudder course encourages participants to fuel their bodies with natural, home-grown foods.

Nick Marston, chairman of British Berry Growers, said: “This partnership reflects our commitment to encouraging healthy eating habits and promoting the benefits of enjoying fresh berries. We are excited to provide Tough Mudder participants with a taste of the delicious berries our growers produce.

“Strawberries are a British favourite—Brits bought more strawberries than ever in the past year, and the berry industry is worth £1.7 billion in year-round retail sales. Berries are big business, but supporting local growers is of the utmost importance to us. We hope this partnership will encourage the public to enjoy fresh British berries and all their health benefits, supporting our farmers in the process.”

This year’s strawberry crop is particularly sweet and juicy due to the cooler spring and extended ripening period.

To further celebrate this iconic season, an inflatable strawberry circa. 10ft tall which will greet participants at the Tough Mudder events.