LettUs Grow and Innovative Growers Equipment announce partnership to bring advanced aeroponic technology to North America

UK-based expert in advanced aeroponic technology, LettUs Grow, has partnered with US specialist in greenhouse equipment manufacturing, Innovative Growers Equipment (IGE), to introduce ultrasonic aeroponics to greenhouse growers across the US and Canada.

Through this partnership, IGE will manufacture LettUs Grow’s patented ultrasonic irrigation systems, enabling growers to optimise crop production and enhance quality with the latest in irrigation technology.

This strategic collaboration combines LettUs Grow’s technology with IGE’s world-leading manufacturing capacity to unlock higher crop yields with reduced resources for greenhouse growers throughout the region, Bristol-based LettUS Grow said.

Commenting on the move, Charlie Guy, CEO of LettUs Grow said: ”This partnership marks a significant step forward in our mission to reduce the impact of growing fresh produce worldwide, by supporting growers and improving food security through meaningful collaborations.

”By working together with IGE, we will be enabling farmers in the US and Canada to utilise the latest in irrigation technology that brings innovation and growth to their operations.”

Having completed successful crop growth trials at Wageningen University’s R&D greenhouse facility in the Netherlands, and more recently at Yorkshire’s Stockbridge Technology Centre in collaboration with CHAP, LettUs Grow’s aeroponic technology has shown to improve yields and growth rates in comparison to hydroponic irrigation methods for a range of leafy greens and herbs.

This collaboration will deliver increased accessibility of cutting-edge Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology to greenhouse growers in both the US and Canada, who are looking to accelerate crop growth in their facilities, the firms said.

The commercial greenhouse market in North America has seen substantial growth, having previously been valued at over US$5.8 billion in 2023, it is now expected to reach US$11.2 billion by 2030, LettUs Grow said.

LettUs Grow was founded in Bristol in 2015 by University of Bristol alumni Charlie Guy, Jack Farmer and Ben Crowther. Since then the firm has developed patent-pending technology designed to create vertical farms that can bring resilience to food supply networks.

Ultrasonic aeroponic irrigation systems allow farmers to grow up to twice as fast as hydroponics, while using zero soil, zero pesticides, as well as less water and fertiliser than in outdoor farming, the firm said.