Mighty Mushroom Co range

The new range

A new mushroom-based meat substitute brand has launched its first range on Amazon Fresh, including burgers and Cumberland-syle sausages.

The new products from The Mighty Mushroom Co – created by major Irish producer Monaghan Mushrooms – are designed to cater toflexitarians,vegans and meat-eaters looking for sustainable alternatives.

With supermarket shelves predominantly stocked with soy-based meat substitutes, the brand said it prides itself on being “entirely soy-free”.

The range includesmeat-free mince, burgers and Cumberland-style sausages,madewithup to85 per centmushroomsfrom Irish farms.

The gluten-free range contains nosoya and noartificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.But the products are said to have a meat-like flavour and texture.

The meat-free mince can be purchased for an RRP of £2.99,while the burgersandCumberland sausages start at£2.50.All three products arenow available on Amazon Fresh in the UK.

The plant-based sector is currently one of the fastest-growing areas ofthe food industry, with sales of meat-free products up 40 per cent in the past five years. The sector was worth, an estimated £816 million in 2019 alone.

Mushroom sale have enjoyed an upsurge during the pandemic thanks to their Vitamin D content and other health credentials, with retail sales up 19.5 per cent in the year to 21 March 2021, according to Kantar.

NoelHegarty,a spokesperson at The Mighty Mushroom Co, said:“Mushrooms are one of the leading plant-based ingredients, due to their fantastic meaty textureonce cooked.

“Consumers are no longer satisfied with bland meat-free optionsand demand products that are leading in innovation and providethe best possible taste.

TheMighty Mushroomrange is positioned as the perfect plant-based options for those looking to reduce their meat consumption, whether to make meals more adventurous, add to classic family dishes or simply eat on their own.