Nice Fruit frozen strawberries

A new technique to freeze fruit at origin and peak ripeness has been launched by Andorran frozen specialist Nice Fruit and UK supplier Peaty Mills.

The British firm claims that the colour, texture, flavour, aroma and nutrients of the fruit are kept fully preserved for up to three years. The fruit can be defrosted in one hour with no loss of quality and then has a 48-hour shelf life.

The new freezing process will allow food service operators to avoid some of the risks associated with buying fresh fruit, Peaty Mills said, namely high levels of waste, inconsistent product quality, challenging and high-risk supply chains and continual time pressures.

Fruits in the range include pineapple, melon and mango, with strawberries, kiwis, nectarines and citrus also available. Products include individual portion packs, multi-portion bags and now individual pineapple spears in foil packs to be eaten like ice lollies.

The range will continue to grow as more factories are completed, allowing diversification into products such as avocado chunks and slices.

The company said its products were particularly well suited to chefs and food service outlets due to the minimal preparation time required, adding that since the fruit is prepared before shipping, there is less pollution and lower freight costs.

The fruit also comes in single serving bags which Peaty Mills said were “proving very popular in fast food or coffee outlets”.