Warm May and June temperatures have sweetened the UK cherry deal with extra flavoursome early fruit, says marketer Driscoll’s UK

Driscoll's UK cherry season gets off to sweet start

Driscoll’s UK cherry season gets off to sweet start

Driscoll’s UK cherry growers have confirmed that, despite a very British start to the year with plenty of rain and cold, the recent rise in temperature means that their cherries will be bursting with even more flavour than previous years, just in time for harvesting season.

The improved, warmer weather conditions in the last few weeks has resulted in cherries being even sweeter than usual, according to cherry marketer Driscoll’s UK.

”The succulent harvest is now officially starting to land in major retail stores across the UK, from mid-June until mid-late September. This year’s crop is also expected to see Brix levels of 18 and some of our growers have even reported Brix levels of up to 26+, so the sweetness of cherries this season is guaranteed,” the supplier said.

Cherries sold by Driscoll’s to UK retailers are grown by Berry Gardens Growers, with orchards in Kent, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Norfolk, Staffordshire, and Perthshire all contributing to this year’s harvest.

Jon Hillary, Driscoll’s cherry product manager, said: “Whilst the temperature this year has been cooler for longer than in previous years, we have still experienced favourable cherry growth in 2023 all thanks to the late arrival of more ‘normal’ Spring like weather conditions. We’re delighted to see the sunshine arrive just at the right time as the cherries ripen on branch, ready for picking imminently. Our growers are all predicting that the quality will be best in class, so our customers and consumers alike can expect a summer of flavourful cherries aplenty”.

Following a cold spring, the Met Office has predicted that the next few weeks will see sunny and warm weather across the UK and even during cases of rain, temperatures are likely to stay above average for the time of year.

Berry Gardens cherry grower Sarah Neaves said: “There is great excitement amongst our team this year about the British cherry season this year as we anticipate the flavour and sweetness of the cherries could be one of the best yet. There really Is nothing like British cherries, they are such a special fruit. The British cherries this year should be big, firm and with a delicious taste, which we’re Incredibly proud to get in front of customers this summer.”

The present mood amongst cherry growers a very positive one, she added.

Driscoll’s UK said its British cherry deal will be supported with a summer communications campaign, encouraging consumers to consider cherries across a wide variety of eating occasions, utilising recipe creation, influencer marketing and consumer promotions.