Florette TV advert - end frame

A still from the ad

Florette is kicking off its 'sunshine-driven' marketing campaign this Friday evening (26 April) with a TV advert to engage with consumers who are eagerly awaiting a proper taste of the 2013 summer.

The promotion is designed to run when the sun shines to ensure maximum exposure at a time when consumers are most likely to buy salad.

Florette marketing managerElaine Smith said:“This year’s TV activity is all about communicating with consumers when they are in a‘warm weather mindset’ to prompt them into purchasing salad and increase buying frequency, so as to unlock incremental sales.

“Our fun and playfulBags of Feelgood ad reinforces all the positive reasons why consumers eat salad, rather than solely focusing on diet andwe’re confident that it will again successfully resonate with consumers. This year,we’ve also looked very closely at the programming alongside which the ad will sit, helping to further amplify thespirit and personality behind the brand communication.This has seen uscarefully tailor our schedule around ‘feelgood’ entertainment shows such asBritain’s Got Talent, along with food and lifestyle programming.

“Our first slot will follow this Friday evening’s Coronation Street, which averages viewing figures of seven million.”