Industry expects good quality and size for export crop with growth of new varieties to continue

New Zealand apples

New Zealand apples

The New Zealand Apple industry is expecting a solid 2023 export crop characterised by good quality and size.

According to forecasts from peak industry body New Zealand Apples & Pears Incorporated (NZAPI) on the eve of the harvest, further growth in the production of trademarked varieties is also expected.

“We are estimating export volumes to be similar to last year’s, at an estimated 20.4m TCEs,” said,” said NAZPI chief executive Terry Meikle.

“We are seeing a reduction in the volumes of European Union-bound traditional varieties such as Braeburn - which is expected to be down by 15 per cent - as well as Pink Lady and Jazz. Some near market varieties like Fuji, NZ Queen and NZ Rose are also going to be down in volume.

“However - and this bodes well for the industry’s future - we are seeing continued growth in trademarked varieties such as Rockit, Envy and Dazzle.”

Meikle said the industry would continue its focus on the quality that had helped to establish New Zealand’s reputation as a top apple supplier.

“While we still have challenges just like every other country in the world, the New Zealand apple industry has a lot of advantages, thanks to decades of investment and exceptionally committed and passionate growers,” said Meikle.

“Importantly, consumers enjoy the taste experience of New Zealand apples. This is something we are immensely proud of and are intent on delivering on, in line with the reputation we have built up over many years.”