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UAE eyes European apple production

The Association of Polish Fruit and Vegetable Distributors hosted a special delegation in April

UAE eyes European apple production

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The Association of Polish Fruit and Vegetable Distributors invited delegates from the UAE to participate in a special apple study tour in April, the third time such an event has taken place.

Distributors from companies including Lulu Group International, Farzana Trading, Jaleel Holdings and Fruit Line Trading were guests at various European apple sorting plants.

During the event, visitors had an opportunity to learn more about the methods used to produce European apples.

Delegates used the opportunity to have a closer look at storage facilities – where the fruit goes straight from harvest – as well as at sorting and packing lines.

The UAE party found out that prior to export, every shipment of bicolored apples is subject to phytosanitary and pesticide residue inspections by the NPPO, which confirms that the plant product complies with phytosanitary requirements of the country of destination as nominated by the exporter.

The schedule included matchmaking meetings with apple producer representatives, and a visit to a modern apple sorting plant.

During their stay in Europe, the UAE delegates saw the high quality and appeal of the fruit, stemming from a close cooperation between producers and scientific centers..

The event was a part of the informational and promotional campaign Bicolored Apples from Europe, first launched in 2014.

The promotional strategy is mainly aimed at marketing bicoloured apples cultivated all over Europe such as Gala, Red Jonaprince, Idared, Gloster, Ligol, Jonagored, Golden Delicious, Champion and Najdared.

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