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Largest grape volume to date for Sun World

The Californian company will be promoting late-season varieties to move its record crop

Largest grape volume to date for Sun World

red Scarlotta Seedless grapes

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This year, Californian grape grower Sun World said its growers will yield the largest crop in the company’s history.

It touts red Scarlotta Seedless, green Autumn Crisp, and black Adora Seedless as category leaders.

“We expect the great quality we are seeing in our vineyards so far to continue throughout the rest of the table grape season, providing more opportunity for promotable volumes,” said vice president of sales Jason Fuller.

“To support this historic volume, Sun World is strategically working toward expanding its global export business and growing and strengthening the Sun World brand both domestically and internationally.”

The company says its Scarlotta seedless can be shipped well into mid-January, creating opportunity for holiday promotions. Both Autumn Crisp and Adora seedless are available until November.

The three varieties, dubbed the ‘late season trio’ will be on promoted by Sun World, alongside other varieties, at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando, Florida.

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