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Wednesday 15th May 2019, 15:44 London

Dombera offers Zimbabwe hope

Family farm to lead rural development opportunities in cyclone-torn Zimbabwe

Dombera offers Zimbabwe hope

The Margarasadza Dam after Cyclone Idai

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A small family farm in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe is offering hope to local communities torn apart by Cyclone Idai, the storm that caused catastrophic damage in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi in March this year, leaving more than 1,000 people dead and thousands more missing.

With unemployment figures in Zimbabwe said to be more than 80 per cent (Reuters), more and more Zimbabweans are starting up their own businesses to support their families.

Dombera Farm, a well-known export business operating since 1962, is seeking to support local entrepreneurs by providing a central 'hub' for local small scale and commercial farmers alike.

Dombera aims to build on its existing work with farmers by providing high quality seedlings from its registered nursery, offering internationally accredited packing facilities for fresh produce and providing affordable transport links to those living and working in the area. This is in addition to the employment opportunities provided by the farm itself.

Speaking about his vision, Allan Bailey, the managing director of Dombera said: “It has been our long term vision that Dombera Farm would be at the heart of our local community and support those wishing to produce top quality fruit and vegetables. Now more than ever, our local community needs help to rebuild after the devastating impacts of Cyclone Idai and we have the experience to make it happen. We have started a GoFundMe Campaign to help raise the necessary capital to repair and improve the facilities provided by the farm but we will only succeed if the wider world gets behind us.”

Claire Bailey, who oversees the international farm assurance programme at Dombera added: “We were incredibly lucky not to lose a single life on Dombera as part of Cyclone Idai. However the storm destroyed our dams and our water supply for the year ahead. Our people support more than 1,000 dependents both on the farm and across Zimbabwe. If we cannot raise sufficient funds to restore water to the farm, we will be adding to the already massive humanitarian crisis when we know we can offer part of the solution.”

The existing land reform programme in Zimbabwe means that farms cannot use land as a bankable asset for loans through the commercial banking sector.

Crowd funding offers a unique way for Dombera to raise funds to fulfil its ambition to be at the heart of its recovering community and show people exactly what their money can do.

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