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Tuesday 22nd September 2020, 09:58 London

Chile tightens Covid-19 guidelines

The fruit industry has issued a new best practice guide on coronavirus prevention

Chile tightens Covid-19 guidelines

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Chile has reinforced coronavirus safety guidelines for the fresh produce industry by publishing an updated version of its Good Practice Manual.

Asoex president Ronald Bown said the new measures reflect the importance of protecting the health of the workers and ensuring the continuity of food supply.

Bown stressed that although to date there is no evidence that the virus is transmitted by food, “it is the responsibility of the industry to maintain a work environment that minimises risks to people and continues to deliver products that respond to the nutritional and safety needs that are common in Chilean fruit growing”.

Almost 100 industry professionals participated directly and indirectly in the preparation of the manual, which analysed a wide range of international standards and recommendations to ensure the best and more adequate prevention practices were developed.



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