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Thursday 6th May 2021, 16:28 London

Fruitbox 61 - Gilad Sadan, Navi Co Global

What does sustainability mean to consumers now and what are the implications for fresh produce packaging?

For Gilad Sadan, the term ‘box fresh’ has a real resonance. Not just for the fruit and vegetable products housed in the carefully designed packaging his Melbourne-based consultancy Navi Co Global helps to create, but for all kinds of consumer goods – including a newly delivered pair of green Adidas trainers (“sneakers!”) made from recycled materials.

And in a world where environmental concerns mean that packaging’s place in the global supply chain is under more scrutiny than ever, the word ‘sustainability’ also has added significance for Sadan.

As he explains in the latest episode of Fruitnet’s conversation series Fruitbox, buying things that are marketed as sustainable – be it fresh produce or indeed footwear – has emerged over as a way for people to show support for something they believe to be important.

“I think what we’re seeing now is that sustainability is becoming something that consumers are talking about and engaging with, or they want to do the right thing as far as they are concerned,” he says.

“But what the right thing is, is still to be determined. I think coronavirus has done a wonderful job bringing up to the surface what the true meaning of [sustainability] is.”

Post-pandemic, Sadan sees even more of a shift ahead in terms of attitudes to packaging.

“Packaging is still there, but the purpose that it fulfils is different now,” he comments. “The primary and secondary packaging is very different now, because if you’re selling direct to consumers [via e-commerce] then it doesn’t have to be as exciting as it is on the retail floor. The product gets delivered to your house after you’ve made the decision to purchase.”

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Produced by Fruitnet Media International, the show is essential listening for everyone in the fresh produce industry.

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