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Carl Collen


Wednesday 9th December 2009, 10:18 London

Radix launches new carrot sorter

Group releases enhanced Autosort system for processing washed carrots and removing defective produce

Radix launches new carrot sorter

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UK-based electronic sorter manufacturer Radix has announced the launch of an enhanced automatic sorter for the carrot industry, the Autosort, which the group claims is now the 'benchmark' for carrot sorting.

Using high-resolution cameras and flashing colour LEDs, The Autosort is designed to process up to 22 tonnes of washed carrots per hour, while removing up to 80 per cent of all colour, shape and size defects.

"The Autosort saves on manual inspection as it inspects carrots from top to bottom, as well as the crown and tail, and can do it in full colour and in the infrared spectrum," said Milan Fuchs, general manager of Radix. "We believe we have established the Autosort as the benchmark in carrot sorting."

Available in three sizes to suit process requirements, the system can also be fitted with optional re-claim facilities to recover acceptable produce from manual and machine rejects, according to Radix.

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