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Tuesday 26th July 2016, 14:56 London

A cool idea for airfreighted produce

The inventors of Aircoolbox are looking to solve the perennial problem of heat damage to fruit and veg during shipment by air

A cool idea for airfreighted produce

The Aircoolbox's eight side panels can be packed inside the base, middle and lid for more efficient relocation

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A new container system making its debut at Asia Fruit Logistica could provide a greener and more cost-effective way to control fresh produce temperatures during air transit. With existing solutions often regarded as expensive, labour intensive and inefficient,

Aircoolbox offers a self-contained and re-usable system that has been designed specifically with airfreight in mind: easily moved by forklift and pallet trucks, its dimensions make best use of the height available in an aircraft cargo hold and fit in neat configurations on commonly used aircraft pallet bases.

Keith Packer, managing director of Aircoolbox, believes that early success for the system in Europe can now be replicated in other markets, not least Asia.

“Aircoolbox is a truly global solution which will appeal and work for a wide range of products, sectors, countries and transport modes,” he explains.

“Huge volumes of fresh produce are exported from Asia and moved intra-Asia on a daily basis. With our manufacturing in south China, we are ideally positioned to supply the region with a unique and cost-effective insulated container.”

Constructed from food-safe, high-density polyethylene filled with polyurethane foam, Aircoolbox’s 11 component pieces lock together to form a rigid, fully insulated and water-resistant container that can prevent heat damage during loading and unloading.

Eight side panels can then be packed inside the base, middle section and lid, enabling the container – now one third its previous size – to be easily repositioned and re-used.

Where added insulation and temperature control are required, the company offers Aircoolblox, which can be filled with phase-changing materials to guarantee the right temperature range.

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