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  • Egyptians increase export potential

    Egyptians increase export potential


    With a steadily growing number of EurepGAP and BRC certified farms and grape growing areas Egyptian volumes are increasing every year, reports Anabella de Sousa.

  • Egyptian expansion

    Egyptian expansion


    Foreign investment is the driving force behind the massive growth in the Egyptian soft-fruit and citrus sectors, reports Jessica Purbrick-Herbst.

  • Pirie believes the RapiCool system could play an important role in the grape industry

    Pirie keeping cool in Egypt


    In this week’s focus on grapes, FJ Pirie Systems explains how its rapid cooling system can provide an effective solution in the pre-cooling of table grapes, while International Grape holds its first supplier conference.

  • Egyptians add value

    Egyptians add value


    Following the success of moving potatoes to large-scale farming practices, Egypt has the potential to increase substantially its exports of other key-line vegetables. Increasing compliance with EU industry standards, new technological developments and crop variation add value to the country’s vegetable sector, writes Anabella de Sousa.

  • Dr Ihab Tadros is predicting a good start to the season

    Rot victory key to Egyptian progress


    The Egyptian potato market is full of confidence for the season ahead. Good growing conditions matched with increased awareness and development of quality assurance programmes means expectations are high. Growers are looking to take advantage of a problematic UK season as they aim to develop their position within the market. John Broy reports.

  • Egypt puts down markers

    Egypt puts down markers


    Egyptian citrus and berries are making a big impact on the UK winter market. Strict quality assurance programmes and a greater diversity of offer have combined with a wealth of natural resources to give an increasingly uniform approach as Egypt's true export potential continues to unfold. Emma Hatfield reports.

  • Sainsbury's could be made to pay heavily for its Egyptian venture

    Sainsbury's receives Egyptian warning


    Sainsbury's has been threatened with legal action from its former Egyptian business partner.

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    Egypt's grape on course


    Egyptian grape will arrive in the UK around June 1 and fill a window through to the middle of July, according to Husam El-Din Awad, managing director of Fruitex, one of the country's top five grape exporters.

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    EU-Egypt agreement ratified


    The Egyptian parliament has formally accepted the Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement signed in June 2001.

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    Egyptian floral industry steady


    Egypt i's cut-flower sector is enjoying a boom period.

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    Egypt adopts Scottish cooling technology


    A Scottish cooling system is being used to help preserve Egypt's fresh fruit and vegetables.

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    Egypt's Eurep first


    A leading Egyptian supplier has been approved under the Eurep-GAP scheme.