World of Fresh Ideas · Rory Byrne, Dole

2023-02-09T23:42:00+00:00In partnership with Fruit Logistica

The CEO of the world’s largest fruit and veg company reflects on major challenges and exciting growth opportunities for the business


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  • FLTR Chapter 7

    World of Fresh Ideas · Johannes Röhrenbach, Mavuno Technologies

    In partnership with Fruit Logistica

    Satellite imagery and artificial intelligence have helped smallholder farms in Africa to make their yields more predictable and attract new investment

  • FLTR Chapter 6

    World of Fresh Ideas · Mario Schäfer, Organifarms

    In partnership with Fruit Logistica

    How can robot harvesters help growers to tackle labour shortages and extend their production season?

  • FLTR Chapter 5

    World of Fresh Ideas · Elad Mardix, Clarifruit & Amir Weitmann, Champel Capital

    In partnership with Fruit Logistica

    Wasteful fresh produce supply chains are ready for a radical overhaul. In episode five of World of Fresh Ideas, Elad Mardix of Clarifruit and Amir Weitmann of Champel Capital explain why they believe artificial intelligence can change quality control forever

  • FLTR Chapter 4

    World of Fresh Ideas · Katelyn Jones, BayWa Global Produce

    In partnership with Fruit Logistica

    During episode four of World of Fresh Ideas, Katelyn talks about BayWa subsidiary T&G Global’s involvement in the Hot Climate Programme, a project designed to create fruit varieties that can withstand tougher weather conditions

  • FLTR Chapter 3

    World of Fresh Ideas · Philippe Binard, Freshfel Europe

    In partnership with Fruit Logistica

    In episode three, we ask Freshfel Europe’s general delegate how fresh produce companies can overcome the major challenges they face right now in terms of cost, climate and geopolitical pressures

  • FLTR Chapter 2

    World of Fresh Ideas · Adéle Ackermann, Clemengold

    In partnership with Fruit Logistica

    In the second episode of Fruitnet’s World of Fresh Ideas interview series, Clemengold International marketing manager Adéle Ackermann talks about the South African citrus label’s various branding and marketing strategies for success

  • FLTR Chapter 1

    World of Fresh Ideas · Franka Rodriguez, Aldi South

    In partnership with Fruit Logistica

    In the first episode of Fruitnet’s World of Fresh Ideas interview series, Aldi South’s direcior of global sourcing talks about the group’s efforts to ensure a living wage for banana growers, and its plan to take similar steps for suppliers of other products including pineapples

  • Proto opens new kiwifruit facility

    George Kallitsis, Protofanousis

    Chris White speaks to George Kallitsis, commercial director of Protofanousis, about the Greek exporter’s brand new kiwifruit packing facility

  • Ben Olins PrepWorld factory

    ​New PrepWorld factory ‘gives us a lot’, says Olins

    In this video interview PrepWorld CEO and founder Ben Olins tells Fred Searle about the opportunities offered by the company’s move to a larger production facility, as well as reflecting on the supplier’s growth journey after a decade in business

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