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    Year kicks off in Egyptian style


    To mark the start of industry events for 2008, we held our 62nd annual dinner on Saturday, February 2, for the first time at

  • Egyptian supplier makes spud investment

    Egyptian supplier makes spud investment


    The Egyptian Producers Consortium (EPC) has invested in a state-of-the-art packhouse in the Monofin area, ready in time for the new season.

  • Virgin land lifts Egypt’s hopes

    Virgin land lifts Egypt’s hopes


    Egypt is a key potato supplier to the UK market, but shipments have hovered around 20,000 tonnes in recent years. Producers are hoping that some of their latest initiatives will re-energise exports and push that figure upwards. Doris Lee Butterworth talks to producers and UK importers.

  • Egypt establishes presence

    Egypt establishes presence


    Egyptian berries and citrus are key to filling a growing window in the UK market with high-quality fruit, and the source is more attractive than ever. Anna Sbuttoni reports

  • Proposed Egyptian laws meet with mixed reactions

    Proposed Egyptian laws meet with mixed reactions


    A raft of new legislation drafted last week by Egypt’s ministry of agriculture in a bid to make the sector more competitive has been met with varying degrees of enthusiasm by the industry. Aaron Priel takes a look at recent developments, as reported in a leading Egyptian newspaper.

  • Husam El-Din Awad

    Late start fails to deter Egypt


    The Egyptian grape season is running about four to five days late on last year, due to unseasonable weather in April, but massive growth is still expected again this year.

  • A window of opportunity for Egyptian grape industry

    A window of opportunity for Egyptian grape industry


    Egyptian table grapes are set for another great season, with exports to the UK reaching an all-time high. But with the increase in production and expansion of the industry comes inevitable concerns. Elizabeth O’Keefe talks to the key players in the Egyptian grape business to find out if all is as good as it seems.

  • Egypt fights back

    Egypt fights back


    Egyptian potato producers are busy with the new season and many are in an optimistic frame of mind. Given the reported EU potato shortage, some are even confident that they can increase shipments to the UK this season. Doris Lee Butterworth talks to leading exporters to find out more.

  • Egypt’s winter clean up

    Egypt’s winter clean up


    Harvesting of Egyptian berries and citrus is underway and many producers are hoping that the larger volumes will enjoy a captive UK audience. Doris Lee Butterworth reports.

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    Egyptians to take action


    Egyptian potato suppliers will take action to restore their share in the UK market after exports slumped 10.5 per cent this season.

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    LCL launches Egyptian reefer service


    Lauritzen Cool Logistics (LCL) is continuing its global expansion with the launch of a new Egyptian reefer service, LCL Egypt.

  • Tulpin takes first Egyptian grape

    Tulpin takes first Egyptian grape


    The first Egyptian grapes to reach Europe this season have flown into Ostend.

  • Egyptian faith pays dividends

    Egyptian faith pays dividends


    Amid rising freight rates and heavy competition some Egyptian producers are enjoying rich rewards for their advantageous period of availibility. Doris Lee Butterworth reports.

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    Egyptian berries into Hahn with Tulpin


    Perishables airfreight agent Tulpin Airmarketing has begun flying Egyptian strawberries into Frankfurt’s Hahn airport for onward transport to the UK.

  • Egypt pulls out stops

    Egypt pulls out stops


    Egyptian potato producers are doing everything in their power to hang on to their market share as competitors turn up the heat. Doris Lee Butterworth reports.

  • Egypt’s grand designs

    Egypt’s grand designs


    Egyptian producers have forged strong relationships with their UK partners in a relatively short space of time and many feel that they are only at the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership.

  • Egypt stands tall

    Egypt stands tall


    While the cold snap across Europe and North Africa has disrupted a vast array of crops, Egypt appears to have held on to its sunshine. Doris Lee Butterworth finds out the state of play.

  • Abdul Rahman Raouf

    Egypt jostles for leading position


    Expansion is a priority for leading Egyptian producers and many are firing on all cylinders to stay at the top. Doris Lee Butterworth finds out more.

  • Mohamed El-Dessoky

    Egypt becomes a hot spot


    Egypt is definitely becoming a citrus hot spot in the eyes of some UK importers. Increasing investments in infrastructure and production techniques, and improvements to packaging mean the Egyptian citrus sector is ready to boost its position in European markets, writes Anabella de Sousa.

  • Egypt’s quota chance

    Egypt’s quota chance


    Potatoes were the first agricultural products Egypt exported to the EU. In 2004, 235,000 tonnes were sent, representing an increase of 37 per cent on 2003 sendings. During the 2004 season, 85,000 hectares were dedicated to potato plantings, which yielded 1,950,000mt from 250,000t of seeds. However, to continue its export success, Egypt must continue to comply with strict EU quality assurance rules, writes Anabella de Sousa.