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    USAID trains Colombians in florticuture


    The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is funding a training program to help Colombian people displaced by violence to become floriculture technicians and support the country’s burgeoning industry.

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    A decade of transport misery


    High fuel tax and traffic congestion have had the worst effect on business performance over the last decade, an FTA survey has revealed.

  • SA apples singled out by Observer journalist

    Blythman singles out unethical suppliers


    An ethical meal would comprise Innocent Smoothies and Abel and Cole organics, but would exclude South African apples and produce from Dole, according to food journalist Joanna Blythman.

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    Freshmax expands in Australia


    Freshmax, New Zealand’s largest independent fruit supplier has hooked up with a Sydney-based firm to expand its operations in Australia.

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    Chiquita suspends purchases


    Chiquita has suspended purchases from three independent growers in Panama for the fourth week in a row.

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    Plenum gains approval


    Plenum, a brassica insecticide, has been given full label approval for controlling aphids, and could help control Peach Potato Aphid, Syngenta Crop Management UK has announced.

  • Reefer record

    Reefer record


    The largest ever load of citrus carried by a reefer ship arrived at Sheerness Docks on board NYK Lauritzen’s flagship vessel, Yorgen Lauritzen, last week.

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    UK shoppers "don't care" about provenance


    UK consumers are not motivated to buy produce because it is local, and do not care where it comes from, a new survey has suggested.

  • Waitrose has unveiled a range of organic recipe cards featuring fresh produce

    Waitrose revamps organic offering


    Waitrose has announced the launch of a new-look organics range, enabling its customers to shop 100 per cent organically.

  • Capespan has launched its Outspan brand at Morrisons for the first time, with a flurry of activity

    South African citrus wobbles


    South African citrus have suffered a difficult season, with quality problems and volumes down on some crops.

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    Powdery mildew risk heightened


    Prolonged dry periods could heighten the risk of powdery mildew in carrots this season, Syngenta Crop Protection UK has warned.

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    Vegetable and top-fruit insecticide approved


    Spinosad, a natural insecticide that controls difficult pests in vegetables and topfruit, has been approved by the EU.

  • FTA calls for better roads

    FTA calls for better roads


    Road pricing in the UK should be welcomed as a means of better-managing congestion, but it should not come at the cost of increasing the road building program, which is vital to improving key trade routes, the Freight Transport Association has said.

  • There was no mention in the survey of gorillas

    JS consumers prioritise fruit and veg


    The fresh produce health message may be getting through to consumers, with 92 per cent of the population putting both fresh fruit and some kind of fresh vegetable in their shopping basket each week, research by Sainsbury’s has revealed.

  • Leek promo launched

    Leek promo launched


    UK leek growers have united for the first time to encourage consumers to eat more home-grown leeks with the launch of new promotional campaign.

  • Potato yields suffer

    Potato yields suffer


    Supply of main crop potatoes will be heavily affected by the recent drought, with yields significantly reduced in some parts of the country.

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    Asda celebrates local food


    Asda is building on its commitment to provenance with a series of ‘Local Celebration Weeks’ this month, in a bid to expand its range of 3,000 local products.

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    Zespri boss steps down


    Zespri chief Tim Goodacre has announced his departure in March next year, after a four-year term leading the company.

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    Retailers benefit from Kwik Save demise


    The demise of Kwik Save has brought good fortune for retailers over the last few weeks, with many major multiples maintaining or increasing their market share.

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    Seed seller opens doors


    International seed seller Bejo Zaden is opening its doors to visitors from around the world as part of a series of annual vegetable Open Days this autumn.