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  • EMR veteran retires

    EMR veteran retires


    Dr Mike Solomon, East Malling’s science director and a world-respected entomologist, has retired from the research centre after 36 years.

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    FTA welcomes new study


    The Freight Transport Association has announced its support for the Eddington Transport Study,which recognises the importance of the UK’s international gateways.

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    Apple colour gene discovered


    The gene that controls the colour of apples has been discovered by a CSIRO Plant Industry research team.

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    FTA opposes toll rate rise


    The Freight Transport Association has condemned plans to increase the M6 Toll rates from the new year.

  • BRC criticises out of date report

    BRC criticises out of date report


    The British Retail Consortium has branded a report on supermarkets and healthy eating “disappointing” for failing to recognise retailers’ recent efforts to encourage shoppers to make healthier choices.

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    Agrofair crosses the pond


    Fairtrade fruit company AgroFair has announced the opening of a new joint venture sales and marketing office in the US.

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    WA stonefruit recovery


    Western Australia’s stonefruit industry looks set to recover from last season’s devastating inclement weather, with large, excellent-quality crops this season.

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    GM spud trials gain government approval


    A controversial plan to grow genetically modified potatoes at two trial sites in Cambridgeshire and Derbyshire has gained government approval.

  • Swiss produce benchmarked against EurepGAP

    Swiss produce benchmarked against EurepGAP


    SwissGAP fruit and vegetables have been successfully benchmarked against EurepGAP standards.

  • Turner tackling Foodsmiles

    Turner tackling Foodsmiles


    A new outlet selling locally-produced food will open in Hertfordshire next month.

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    HEFF appoints new marketing exec for Black Country


    Heart of England fine foods (HEFF) has announced the appointment of a new marketing executive for Birmingham and the Black Country.

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    Charges to rail freight operators could double


    Companies that currently use railways to move goods around the UK have said they will have to switch to the roads if rail cannot compete on price, according to the FTA.

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    Closure of EPU causes problems


    Problems have occurred following the closure of the Tilbury Customs office as part of the centralisation of entry processing activity to the National Clearance Hub (NCH) in Manchester, the FPC has warned.

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    Starpack entries invited


    Entry forms for the Starpack Industry Awards 2007 and the Student & Schools Starpack Awards are now available, organiser IOP has announced.

  • Asda results impress

    Asda results impress


    The introduction of new store initiatives has seen Asda improve its market share over the last quarter, group owner Walmart has announced.

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    Colombian flower firm wins international accolade


    Colombian firm Colibri Flowers picked up the award for World Ornamental Grower of the Year 2006 at Hortifair’s awards ceremony in Amsterdam last week.

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    FTA blasts foreign vehicles' low standards


    The Freight Transport Association (FTA) is urging the government and transport industry not to let the UK’s high lorry safety standards be compromised by allegedly low standards being used by foreign-operated vehicles.

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    Weather hampers veg supply


    Erratic weather conditions are hampering the supply of several vegetable lines across Europe and sending wholesale prices on some lines sharply upward.

  • Healthy snacking market soars

    Healthy snacking market soars


    The market for dried fruit, nuts and seeds for snacking has increased by 50 per cent over the last five years and is approaching a yearly value of half a billion pounds.

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    Increasing fuel prices not the answer, FTA says


    The UK government needs to “learn the lessons of the 1990s” and refrain from increasing fuel duty disproportionately with Europe in its quest reduce the transport's impact on the environment, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has announced.