The Netherlands’ largest supermarket chain wants to offer shoppers more Dutch fruit and vegetables at even lower prices

Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn has introduced weekly bonus offers on locally grown, seasonal produce, as part of a plan to increase its focus on fresh fruit and vegetables and to offer extra benefits and discounts to its customers.

The move is part of Albert Heijn’s Better for Nature & Farmers programme, which aims to support the evnironment, animal welfare, and the position of farmers along its various fresh produce chains.

The group says it wants to source half of all its fresh fruit and vegetables from the Netherlands, and will invest heavily in new cultivation and storage techniques that allow certain seasons to be extended.

It currently works with around 360 fruit and vegetable growers in the counrtry, many of whom it has sourced from for generations, to offer “the tastiest fruit and vegetables at an affordable price”.

Meanwhile, the company has also expanded its range of Price Favorites – its lowest-priced, own-brand products – to more than 2,000 products.