Fresh produce group introduces a towable banana and pineapple station and display unit in Ireland

Fyffes fruitmobile

Fyffes has introduced the Fyffes Fruitmobile, an all-new towable banana and pineapple station and display unit, as it looks to support its many sponsorships and events taking place around Ireland this summer.

The Fruitmobile has been billed as ‘a new way to promote fruit and deliver the healthy eating message to adults and children alike’, Fyffes outlined.

The group said that the unit was attractively finished in warm colours of sunshine and painted with ’fruitlicously-succulent’ banana and pineapple illustrations..

“Our intention is to bring the unit to many places at which Fyffes will have a presence, including our popular ‘Fit Squad’ programme of primary school visits, festivals and pop-up events,” said Fyffes head of marketing Emma Hunt-Duffy.