Fruit Logistica has published the results of its latest exhibition meeting, which took place on 5-7 April in Berlin.

The leading trade show for the global fresh produce business reopened its doors around two years after the start of the pandemic, and brought together over 40,000 buyers and trade visitors from around 130 countries, as well as more than 2,000 exhibitors from 87 countries.

According to Fruit Logistica director Kai Mangelberger, it was very much a case of “back to business” during the three days, when Berlin regained its title as capital of the global fresh fruit industry.

“Preparations for this year’s Fruit Logistica were intense,” Mangelberger admits. “And we, the organisers, weren’t the only ones facing obstacles.

“This is why I would like to thank all exhibitors and trade visitors who made the trip to Berlin. They were rewarded with very good business deals. And everyone who could not make it is welcome to come by next year.”

Next year, Fruit Logistica returns to its more traditional place in the calendar, specifically 8-10 February 2023.

Positive experience

Organiser Messe Berlin says the preliminary results of its exhibitor and trade visitor survey indicate that both groups reported a positive experience at Fruit Logistica 2022 and were able to put the pandemic behind them.

The exhibitors apparently reported lively business during the three days of the trade show: more than 40 per cent conducted successful business deals during the trade show, while more than four out of five also expected satisfactory to very good post-show business.

“It is little wonder that over 80 per cent of exhibitors are already planning on taking part in Fruit Logistica 2023,” the organiser said in a statement.

Despite uncertainty about planning as a result of the pandemic, more than 40 per cent of those who attended Fruit Logistica this year were first-time trade visitors.

And at well over 80 per cent, the proportion of international trade visitors was also at its usual high level.

Fruit Logistica remains the gathering place for decision-makers, according to Messe Berlin, which found that around seven in ten trade visitors had responsibility or shared responsibility for making decisions in their respective companies.

Meanwhile, more than 90 per cent of trade visitors gave positive overall feedback, and just as many said they would also recommend the event to colleagues or business partners.

More than 30 per cent made business deals during the trade show itself, and over 80 per cent were able to make new business contacts.

A selection of comments about Fruit Logistica 2022

“Fruit Logistica is the first event we are visiting after the pandemic. It is a great international exhibition, customers from all over the world come together here.”
Artem Rosliakov, ICL Europe (Israel)

“It is very important for Moldova to be represented at the trade show and to open up new markets for our cultural products. This is becoming particularly important in the light of the conflict in the Ukraine and the food security challenges that we may face.”
Natalia Gavrilița, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova

“This is my first Fruit Logistica. I am impressed how big it is. I like to walk through the trade show category by category, that helps me a lot. Because of Covid many of my colleagues from Asia could not join.”
Sungkyung Gue, Control Union Korea (South Korea)

“Due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, we did not have high expectations. However, Fruit Logistica is going better than expected, it is great to go back to normality and to get into contact with people again. We are very excited to be back onsite again.”
Marika di Massa, Corag / Italian Fruit Village (Italy)

“I have been working with fruits and vegetables for over 20 years now and I have been to Fruit Logistica before. But recently I changed companies, so now I have a completely new role. It’s perfect for me to be able to meet so many of our customers from Spain, Italy and Germany here to introduce myself.”
Sigrid Helgason, Svenska Retursystem (Sweden)

“We had several meetings with potential clients. The quality of people on this trade show is very high. There are not quite as much people as we have expected, but the ones who are here are really committed. That is really special compared to other events.”
Paula Rodriguez, Inspira Farms (Colombia)

“Our expectations were exceeded. We were a bit sceptical beforehand about how a live event would turn out. But you can tell that everyone is very happy to meet again. The platform of meeting in person and coming together, both with customers and with everyone from our business - that’s the core of the benefits of Fruit Logistica.”
Manuela Zietelmann, Fyffes (Netherlands)

“I am glad that Fruit Logistica can take place again after two years. I think it’s great that Ukraine is represented. It is an important sign: Ukraine is alive. Many thanks to Messe Berlin for making this possible despite all the difficulties.”
Cem özdemir, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture (Germany)

“This is my first time at Fruit Logistica, and I am overwhelmed by the diversity. I am very happy that Ukrainian exhibitors are also represented, and I hope that their industry will recover soon. Due to the war, the fruit now has to be transported using other routes.”
Anna Deshko, AP Møller-Mærsk (Netherlands)

“After the abstinence of one to two years, we are satisfied. At Fruit Logistica we have the direct contact with the various industries that we need.”
André Oehen, Bachmann Plantec (Switzerland)

“Fruit Logistica is the most important trade show for us, it always has been. Here we can show our innovations, talk to customers and meet people again. We’re glad that people are getting moving again and we see that everyone is happy about the personal contact again.”
Roy Lemmen, Sormac (Netherlands)

“I enjoy everything so far, especially the new things we can do with mangos and seeing mangos from different countries. I like the varieties from Costa Rica and Spain and that we can also grow them in Ghana. I also love the innovations in Hall 20, especially the compostable fruit stickers.”
Sandra Snowden, Hendry Farm Ghana (Ghana)

“I’ve learned how much people like to actually meet in person rather than on zoom. We had fabulous meetings. As a container company we have been to the Logistics Hub. It was quite interesting as they talked about the equipment shortage which is a big problem for the industry. I hope to find a solution for this problem here.”
Nigel Webster, Beacon Intermodal Leasing (UK)

“We knew we had to be here, although it moved from February to April. Fruit Logistica is a key date in everyone’s calendar.”
Christophe Nivet, Maf Roda Agrobotics (France)

“I’ve already learned two things in the first hour and a half: How to pick apples with a drone. So interesting! And how plants feel and that it is possible to measure their stress levels. Computer technology can be used to monitor how they are doing.”
Jolanda Nooijen, Compliment (Netherlands)

“Fruit Logistica is important for us because our main stakeholders and competitors of the market are here and we are able to promote our innovations. It is great to interact with people face-to-face again.”
Santiago Patino Arevalo, Bayer Crop Science (Netherlands)

“I’m particularly excited about the new technologies that deal with the value chain from start to finish. The trade show is also a good place to get new perspectives to talk about people, the planet and profits. How can you do business regionally and sustainably?”
Adegboyega Daniel Sodade, Coleacp (Belgium)

“I did a lot of relationship management and customer care, that is great. I haven ́t seen much of the trade show because I have been in meetings all the time, which is really good for us.”
Enrique Parias, Beyond Field-Queen Unique (Spain)

“Fruit Logistica is the main event for our company because everybody from around the world is coming. We need personal contact and are happy to be back.”
Elise Bas, Aweta (Netherlands)

“We have been presenting at Fruit Logistica for 25 years. We are happy with the reception we’ve had during this difficult time.”
Katrien De Nul, VLAM (Belgium)

“We expected fewer visitors. We were surprised that the trade show had such high traffic, especially during the first two days.”
Monique Verrips, Greefa (Netherlands)

“We’re really happy with how we’ve been received. We’re working on solving one major problem: Fewer people should be feeding more people. To achieve this goal we have met with many producers who want to work with us. We’ve acquired lots of new partners with whom we’ve already developed concrete plans for cooperation. We’re happy with what we’ve achieved.”
Yaniv Maor, Tevel Aerobotics (Israel)