The greenhouse, located in Kwintsheu near The Hague, features over 150 ToBRFV-resistant varieties

BASF-Nunhems has officially opened its Tomato Experience Center in Kwintsheul, near The Hague in the Netherlands.

Tomato close-up Adobe Stock

According to the seed specialist, the greenhouse features over 150 ToBRFV-resistant varieties.

The greenhouse is complemented by meeting facilities to showcase these varieties and exchange with customers on their needs, BASF’s innovations and trends in tomato breeding, it said.

”Customers and growers from around the world can explore the greenhouse and displays filled with different tomato varieties, offering opportunities to taste, touch, smell and slice the diverse range first-hand,” BASF-Nunhems stated.

A comprehensive data collection on cultivation facts, production statistics, shelf-life, weight and more are also on display at the centre to provide customers with valuable insights for informed decision making.

Silvia Cifre, vice-president marketing and sales at BASF-Nunhems, said that tomato breeding held an “immense” significance given the importance of the segment globally.

”From the moment ToBRFV erupted, BASF-Nunhems has been at the forefront in finding solutions to win the battle against this virus,” Cifre commented. ”Until now more than 25 ToBRFV-resistant varieties are providing solutions to tomato growers worldwide.

“We are proud to open the doors today of our Tomato Experience Center,” she noted. ”BASF has been in the tomato seed business for over 50 years and with this innovative facility we can show how much our portfolio and cultivation technology have evolved. In this inspiring environment, we will be able to take our collaborations with all players along the value chain to the next level.“