Prince de Bretagne courgettes

Courgette volumes from Prince de Bretagne are set to grow over the first fortnight of August, according to the Brittany-based marketer, with production due to continue until the start of November.

At present, 15 tonnes are available daily, while during the peak season between mid-August and mid-October, volumes are expected to average around 25 tonnes per day.

The marketer’s courgettes are available in three types of packaging: a 5kg compact black cardboard box (which improves shelf-life and provides better resistance to moisture), a 10kg IFCO crate with cardboard point-of-sale to allow communication of the brand, the Breton origins and the manual harvesting method, and a 10kg wooden crate.

Prince de Bretagne also offers organic courgettes. “Our organic courgette producers expect volumes similar to last year, with 316 tonnes over the course of the season,” the marketer revealed. “Of course, this is assuming that the weather conditions are not too dry in the coming weeks. Volumes of around 2-3 tonnes per day will be available until the end of July. Volumes are then expected to grow throughout August, reaching 8-9 tonnes per day during September. The season will finish around late October or early November. Prince de Bretagne’s organic courgettes are available loose in 5kg or 10kg boxes and in 1kg flowpacks.”

The marketer is also promoting its multi-coloured brassica range throughout the summer, as well as in preparation for the return to school in September.

“In June, the dark green of broccoli takes over from the iconic Breton white cauliflower, accompanied in July by colourful cauliflowers (orange, green and purple),” the company stated. “The Romanesco cabbage will be at the top of its season for September and present until December before giving way to winter cauliflower.”