Fall Creek leadership

Oscar Verges, Amelie Aust Brazelton and Cort Brazelton

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery has reorganised its leadership team. Oscar Verges has been promoted to co-CEO and Amelie Brazelton Aust has been named executive vice chair of the family-owned company’s board of directors.

Verges, who joined the company as COO in 2016 and became president and COO in 2018, joins Cort Brazelton in this CEO role for the blueberry breeding and nursery company.

Aust, Brazelton and Verges said the change would make the company’s leadership more streamlined and agile and provide development opportunities for the company’s growing management teams.

“This is a natural evolution,” said Dave Brazelton, now executive chair of the Fall Creek board. “I see our leadership team continuously improving how we do things, and this is a shift for highest impact.

“In their years working together, I’ve seen Cort and Oscar have an extremely varied and complementary skill set. That unique synergy is well suited to this shared role and essential in serving our customers. Together, they can lead and grow the company as we continue our mission of Building a World with Better Blueberries.”

Brazelton praised the invaluable contribution that Aust had made during her two years as co-CEO, adding that “she will continue to work very closely with Cort and Oscar on company strategy, as well as optimise communication between the family shareholders, external board members and Fall Creek employees.

“In addition, she will support our commitment to the growth and development of the blueberry industry through strategic outreach and engagement with industry groups, including in her new board position with the Produce Marketing Association.”

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