CATsystem is described as world’s first automatic control system for fungicide treatments

Xavi Parra, director of R&D at Citrosol

Xavi Parra, director of R&D at Citrosol

Valencia-based postharvest specialist Citrosol has launched a pioneering automatic control system for fungicide treatments. CATsystem allows the concentration of fungicides, disinfectants and food additives to be kept constant in the post-harvest treatment broths, within a defined range of values.

CATsystem maintains constant fungicide concentrations, carrying out analysis and corrections of the treatment broth in real time to optimise control of the decaying process. It also prevents the generation of resistance, which is essential, especially when a single active ingredient is used.

“There is no similar system on the market,” the company said. “CATsystem is a disruptive innovation in the application of post-harvest treatments. A tool that will promote Citrosol as the undisputed leader in post-harvest worldwide.”

Citrosol said CATsystem can detect problems such as the malfunction of the dispenser and human error of the operators, and offers greater peace of mind to the customer as well as cost savings due to fewer losses and claims.

Citrosol will present CATsystem at the VI Agrifood Technology Conference, which takes place at the Polytechnic University of Valencia on 27 June, during a presentation given by the company’s director of research and development, Xavi Parra.

CATsystem is the latest innovation to come out of Citrosol’s “precision postharvest” concept, introduced in 2010 with the launch of Citrosol Zero Spillage.