The establishment of Compagnie Fruitière Polska enables the group to get closer to its customers in the eastern European market

Compagnie Fruitière, the leading banana ripening network in Europe, handling 650,000 tonnes of bananas a year through 22 European distribution sites, has announced that it is expanding its distribution and import network for tropical fruits with the opening of an office in Poland and creation of Compagnie Fruitière Polska.

Over the last few years, the company has significantly developed its activities in eastern Europe, and continues to grow to make it a benchmark market, according to the company.

SCB Supreme Compagnie Fruitiere

Supported by Romania and Hungary, this new structure aims to provide the most direct service possible to customers that consume large volumes of bananas and tropical fruits.

“Already a partner with the major chains, Compagnie Fruitière is demonstrating its ambition and desire to strengthen its presence in this market through closer contact with its customers,” the company stated.

Based in Krakow, Robert Sikorski is the representative for Compagnie Fruitière Polska.

The company’s distribution network aims to boost the marketing of the company’s SCB and SCB Supreme brands, as well as the group’s whole range of products, including bananas, pineapples, mangoes, lychees and other tropical fruits.