Driscolls US raspberries blackberries

Driscoll’s is looking to change the landscape for consumer fresh food options during the autumn and winter holiday period, by offering an abundant supply of raspberries and blackberries.

With increased availability of Driscoll’s raspberries and blackberries this year, the group is trying to end the notion that the winter is a season traditionally characterised by a scarcity of vibrant, flavourful fruit.

“Our brand promise of 'Only the Finest Berries' is only meaningful as long as our berries are the most delicious,' said Diane Scalisi, the group's raspberry product manager. 'Driscoll’s raspberry offering is 100 per cent proprietary varieties, which allows us to bring consistently great tasting berries to market.

“The late fall represents the second peak production period for Driscoll’s conventional and organic raspberries, which are sourced throughout the holiday season from independent growers in southern coastal California and high elevation growing regions in central Mexico,' she added.

“Similar to raspberries, blackberries also experience one of the highest volume periods during the holiday timeframe which presents a unique opportunity for retailers and their shoppers,” noted Annie Duner, Driscoll’s blackberry product marketer. “Driscoll’s proprietary blackberry varieties are leading the category with unrivalled flavour. Their fresh, delicious and velvety flavour profile complement a wide range of dishes but especially enhance sweet and spicy holiday favourites. We are seeing more and more consumers incorporate blackberries into their holiday menus.”