Ecuador organics catalogue

Ecuador has launched a new directory to showcase the country’s organic exports. The first edition of the catalogue was presented last week the Ecuadorean Minister of Foreign Trade, Pablo Campana.

It includes 83 companies producing bananas, fruits, cocoa, coffee, cosmetics, flowers and textiles and other products from the forestry, aquaculture, fishing, agro-industry and processed foods sectors.

Campana said he expected the number of companies included in the next edition of the catalogue would rise to 200.

There are currently around 36,000ha of organic products grown in the country. Campana pointed out that it is necessary to reinforce exports because of the high demand that exists in markets such as the European Union and European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Regarding the latter group of countries, Campana said that they hope to finalise the negotiations with EFTA in February and that a new commercial agreement could be ready for signing in June.