Volkert Engelsman

Volkert Engelsman

European organic produce importer-marketer Eosta will unveil its refocused, expanded Dr GoodFood campaign and a new range of plant-based packaging at next month’s Fruit Logistica.

Originally introduced to increase consumer awareness of the links between health and farming, the company’s groundbreaking Dr GoodFood initiative will be expanded during the course of 2020 into a physical presence that will feature theparticipation of dieticians and medical professionalsin selected health food outlets.

Initially to be rolled out inThe Netherlands,with further retailer participation expected inGermany, France and the Scandinavia region, the renewed campaign will give trusted experts the opportunity to promote the health benefits of produce directly to consumers.

During its initial launch, Dr GoodFood focused on linking produce to proactive health care and emphasising its potential to replace some unnecessary, expensive pharmaceutical products,according to Eosta CEO Volkert Engelsman.

The initial campaign included product packaging which put a satirical spin on the pharmaceutical industry, such as turmeric in blister packs with humorous ‘side effects’ – an example being ‘this turmeric may result in yellow fingers’ – included on the side of the box.

Engelsman said: “We will now be introducing dieticians and health professionals into health food stores where we will have various ‘food fix mixes’, backed up with a Dr GoodFood website. We will also featurefood fixes on YouTubewhere doctors in their own surgeries will focus on presenting healthy eating recipes rather than prescribing medicines.”

The relaunched campaign will also feature adifferent theme each monthto tie in with the seasons and work-life calendar, such as detox, resilience and holidays, focusing on the components of healthy food recommend during each stage of the year. “We will be cooperating with doctors and dieticians who be running around in the shops helping customers to buy more fruits and vegetables,” continued Engelsman.

Plant-based packaging

Responding to increasing concerns about plastic wrapping and the need to provide more sustainable alternatives, Eosta will also be using the occasion of Fruit Logistica 2020 to launch anew range of plant fibre-based, biodegradable packaging.

“At Eosta, we believe the best packaging is no packaging, so our main effort will always be that none is used at all,”said Eosta Packaging Manager Paul Hendriks.

“Eosta has been very successful in implementing Natural Branding and more and more partners are using this technology to avoid packaging all together. Eosta and our partners have eliminatedmillions of euros worth of unnecessary plastic packaging altogether using this technique.

“But realistically some products will still need to be packed. In the past, most packaging comprised plastic tray and film with a label, but last year Eosta moved into plant based trays made from agricultural waste, and now all our trays are made from this material.

“This left the film used to flow-wrap the packs. For 2020, Eosta has set the goal of alsoeliminating plastic filmwith sleeves or Bandatrays. More difficult products like mushrooms and berries will be packed in sustainable trays made from agricultural waste.”