Binard Caselli

Philippe Binard (top) and Simona Caselli

At today’s online Joint 2020 Annual Event, organised by Freshfel Europe and AREFLH, topics ranged from the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Farm to Fork Strategy’s policy agenda for the agri-food sector to Covid-19’s effect on trade and market trends.

“With the advent of the European Green Deal marking a new sustainable era for Europe, Freshfel Europe and AREFLH dedicated their Joint 2020 Annual Event to the EU’s new policy priorities,” a press release stated.

The aim of the event was to examine the main challenges ahead for the European fresh fruit and vegetables sector at this unprecedented time, with speakers from the European Commission and the European Parliament and other specialists addressing the central theme of ‘The Road Ahead - A Sector Fit for Future Challenges’.

“Although taking place in unprecedented circumstances, the Joint 2020 Annual Event has successfully gathered leading stakeholders in the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector to examine current and upcoming challenges for the industry,” said Freshfel Europe delegate Philippe Binard. “In consideration of the ongoing global pandemic and the commencement of new EU policy priorities, there still remains a need to ensure that continued policy coherence efforts are not lost in moving towards a sustainable diet and meeting the WHO’s consumption recommendation of at least 400g of fruit and vegetables per capita per day throughout Europe.”

AREFLH president Simona Caselli commented: “The fruit and vegetables sector will still be influenced in the coming months by the same topics experienced over the last months, including Brexit, the debate on the Farm to Fork Strategy’s proposals and Covid-19 implications. The Joint Freshfel Europe-AREFLH Annual Event was therefore a good opportunity to review these topics and brief the sector for future development in the coming period.”