CA Ever Tru Farms strawberries

Ontario-based EverTruFarms, a newvertically integratedberry producer, aims to cause a stir on the North American strawberry market when it launchesits first crop thisMarch.

The Canadian firm said its sustainable hydroponic growing process leads to a “better, more consistent, and locally grownproduct”.

EverTru Farms’ leadership team boasts decades of experience in the greenhouse and hydroponic growing industries, including Paul J. Mastronardi, head of sales and marketing, and Guido van het Hof, president of Great Northern Hydroponics, as well as participation from Jim DiMenna, president of Red Sun Farms.

“We are one team, with one focus: to deliver consistently delicious strawberries, every time,” said Mastronardi. “We are confident in our strategy, but more importantly, our process.”

“We are moving into the strawberry category as a united front,” saidvan hetHof. “Through reconstructing and adapting the approach that brought us so much success with other produce, we have developed a growing strategy for strawberries that achieves unparalleled taste and consistency.”

Following six years spent refining thegrowingprocess, the firm said it was ready to hit the ground running with a superior product.

“From propagation to distribution, and every stage in between, having the entire operation under one team allows them complete control of the growing process, ensuring that only the best strawberries are being produced and brought to market,” the company stated. “Greenhouse grown, using an impressive hydroponics system, these strawberries are locally cultivated year-round in a controlled environment withoptimumgrowing conditions, no pesticides, andnon-GMO.”

EverTruFarms' expansion plans are aggressive, with1msquare feetof hydroponic growing space currently online and anadditional1m square feetanticipated by autumn.

'LEDsupplementallightingallows foryear-roundproduction,meaningEverTruFarmswill beproducing30,000cases of strawberries a week to start, with expected growth of up to 45,000casesin thenearfuture,' the company revealed.