Strategic partnership set to bring innovation and growth to blueberry sector  


FineField’s approach incorporates solar-powered robotic harvesters designed to reduce fruit damage 

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, a US-based blueberry genetics and nursery company, has announced a strategic minority investment in the Netherlands-based blueberry tech solution company, FineField. The investment is focused on advancing mechanical blueberry harvesting technology. 

FineField’s approach incorporates solar-powered robotic harvesters designed to reduce fruit damage and improve harvest quality. This method aligns with Fall Creek’s mission to support the production of better blueberries through exceptional plants, relationships, innovation, and grower success. 

“We are truly excited about the potential of this collaboration, which brings together Fall Creek’s innovative work in variety development with FineField’s cutting-edge robotic harvesting technology,” said Fall Creek co-chief executive officer, Oscar Verges. 

“Our focus is to foster innovation, and we believe that this relationship will contribute significantly to consistent, high-quality produce, all year long.”  

As a minority investor, Fall Creek will offer support and expertise to FineField while allowing the company to maintain its operational and decision-making independence. 

“FineField’s state-of-the-art harvesters reduce fruit bruising, improve pack outs, and are environmentally friendly. They are dedicated to supporting growers through innovative solutions, and we’re excited to partner with them in this journey, fostering a thriving future for growers and the entire industry,” said Fall Creek co-chief executive officer, Cort Brazelton. 

“We aim to address some of the most pressing challenges in blueberry farming, from labour shortages to environmental concerns. This partnership is more than an investment; it’s a commitment to exploring new possibilities and pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable today.” 

FineField chief executive Marcel Beelen added, “FineField is excited about the possibilities this strategic partnership brings and looks forward to a future of innovation, sustainability, and growth in the blueberry sector.”