Artur Stasiak, organiser of the Fresh Market B2B Meeting and Trade Show in Poland, outlines what to expect at the event in September

Could you give us an idea of what Fresh Market is all about?

Artur Stasiak Fresh Market

Artur Stasiak

Artur Stasiak: Absolutely. Fresh Market is about connecting the dots in the fruit and veg world. We’re here to get suppliers and big retail chain buyers in the same room, talk shop, and make deals. It’s about bridging that gap between production and distribution, especially in Poland.

What are the big challenges and opportunities you see for the fruit and vegetable industry right now?

AS: It’s a mix, really. The industry is navigating a complex landscape, facing challenges from market shifts, unpredictable weather patterns, and political changes.

Despite these hurdles, there’s massive potential. Retailers like Dino and Żabka are expanding aggressively, opening up many opportunities for suppliers to distribute their products widely.

How does Fresh Market strive to drive innovation in the industry?

AS: We’re kind of a showcase for what’s new and what’s next. Suppliers get to flaunt their latest and greatest products, and there’s a bit of a competitive edge too, with awards for the most innovative stuff. It’s all about encouraging producers to keep pushing the envelope.

What’s in it for fruit and veg suppliers at Fresh Market?

AS: It’s all about connections. Suppliers get face time with the people who matter – the decision-makers in retail chains. Beyond just networking, it’s a deep dive into market trends, sharing insights, and really understanding what drives the business in fruits and vegetables in our region.

When is the next edition of Fresh Market?

AS: The next edition of Fresh Market is scheduled for 18 September. We strongly advise suppliers to register early to book their meetings with retail chain representatives. Due to high demand from suppliers and limited availability of slots with retailers, early registration is crucial to ensure you don’t miss this vital opportunity for your business.

Can you share your thoughts on the future direction of Fresh Market?

AS: Sure. Fresh Market is going to keep doing what it does best – being the go-to meeting spot in the fruit and veg world in Poland. We’re planning to keep evolving, making sure we’re the place where new business opportunities are always ripe for the picking. It’s all about keeping that tradition of innovation and great networking alive.