Frigotec Softripe ripening room closed

German group Frigotec will present avocados ripened by its Softripe technology at Fruit Logistica 2020, following successful trials in Brazil and England.

Studies from the first Softripe chambers specifically designed for ripening avocados have shown a consistently high-level of fruit, and Frigotec said that it was confident a new quality standard had been achieved.

The resulting avocados featured a firm and stable shell, moist and oily flesh, and sweet nutty taste, Frigotec said.

H Jörg Einenkel, managing director at Frigotec, said: “It was impressive to see and taste the quality of Softripe Margarida avocados. The flesh is so soft, homogenous and delicious.”

These positive results are achieved through a three to four-day stress-free process that mimics natural ripening to enhance quality, flavour and extend shelf life, the group outlined.

“The technical superiority of Softripe over conventional ripening technology is particularly apparent with avocados, fruit that is traditionally difficult to ripen,” explained Roland Wirth, managing director Frigotec. “Softripe ripening takes place in a closed, gas-tight chamber where it ‘communicates’ with the fruit as if in nature through its respiration. The control system then automatically optimises the environment in response. Automation also means that there is no need for a person to oversee or enter the chamber during the ripening process.”

Softripe is ideally suited for the ripening of avocados, bananas, mangoes, kiwifruit, tomatoes and persimmons, and was the silver award winner during the 2019 edition of the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award.