Evy Van Gastel took to the Logistics Hub stage to talk about Fruit Service Collective’s one-stop shop for ripening, packing, customs clearance, quality control and forwarding

Evy Van Gastel Fruit Service Collective FL 2024 Logistics Hub

Evy Van Gastel

Fruit Service Collective, a new Belgium-based independent business unit from the family Maes (Mago Holding), enjoyed a wide introduction to the fresh produce business at Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

Evy Van Gastel, head of commercial at the fruit management solution specialist, took to the Logistics Hub stage to espouse the company’s potential benefits for customers in ripening, packing, customs clearance, quality control and forwarding.

“We offer a holistic approach where we believe that we can make a difference in enforcing one another and closing the circle together,” she said.

”Our main aim really is to unburden you so you can focus on your core business of dealing with the fruit. We want to be there to strengthen your position in Europe, and get you closer to the end consumer.”

This would be done with a focus on avocados initially and then mangoes, while tapping into the experience and knowledge gained while at fellow Mago Holding outfit Special Fruit, Van Gastel outlined.

Fruit Service Collective was utilising SoftRipe technology, she continued, an AI software that controlled and optimised the ripening process.

“It is very important for ripening centres, efficiency, flexibility and the speed that you can ripen the product, and SoftRipe helps us in a great way in this sense,” Van Gastel explained.

”It means a better taste, it is time and energy saving which is extremely important nowadays, and for the supermarkets an extended shelf-life is key. It’s also a win-win for the growers because there is less sorting coast and waste - we are contributing to everyone in the chain.”

She confirmed that Fruit Service Collective was still looking for partners to connect with, and was open to possible joint ventures or strategic alliances.

“The beauty of this is that we are still at the drawing table, and we still have a lot of flexibility on what we can do with potential partners.

“This includes investment in automation, expanding the ripening rooms – there is still plenty of room to dicuss what we can do for one another,” Van Gastel added.

Click here to watch a full recording of the session at Fruit Logistica in Berlin (registration required)