Tech solutions provider unveils new plant-based coating for fresh produce at Fruit Logistica in Berlin

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 00.01.05

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 00.01.05

JBT is introducing an innovative plant-based coating that helps retain moisture and ultimately extend the shelf-life of fruit.

The company is presenting its NatureCote line at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, one of several offerings that JBT says can help make fresh produce companies safer, more sustainable and more efficient.

”Unlike conventional fruit coatings, NatureCote works to naturally enhance the fruit’s ability to retain moisture, helping avoid the onset of rot and in the process extending shelf-life,” the global tech solutions provider explained.

JBT is also displaying its S-Series Bin Scrubber, designed to help fruit and vegetable producers simplify an unnecessarily labour-intensive and costly area.

Indeed, a study carried out JBT in cooperation with a leading US citrus organisation found that the process of cleaning produce bins can cost as much as US$1.25 per bin per day.

The same research also found that switching to a non-manual system saved 44 per cent in energy per hour compared with hand washing.

Two innovations for the fresh-cut sector are also being highlighted by JBT in Berlin – the FTNON Sweet Pepper Decorer and the FTNON Magnetic Onion Peeler.

JBT Proseal is also in the spotlight with its Proseal 3 Tier fresh produce line, featuring its GT2s tray sealer and CP3 case packing machine, which is capable of filling, sealing and packing up to 120 trays per minute.

In addition, Auto Coding Systems (ACS) is showcasing examples of modular software packages for all packaging operations,

This includes centralised monitoring and control for both upstream and downstream equipment, from sealing, coding, and inspection of the primary pack to case packing, labelling and final pallet labelling.