Jupiter Group Greece

Jupiter Group continues to expand its portfolio of new table grape varieties for its Greek production base.

The company has planted five Arra varieties from the Grapa breeding programme at its 0.2ha trial farm in Kavala.

Jupiter said it is continually looking for ways to improve its offering. Among the benefits of the new grapes it is trialling are a greater yield, improved shelf-life, longer coldstorage ability, greater rain resistance and an even better taste and appearance.

Senior procurement manager Dimitris Theodorou said: “It has been fantastic to see the development of these exceptional new varieties over the last year or so. I am very impressed with their growth and for the close attention that has been paid by our on-farm team.

“We were excited to see how these new variety table grapes adapted to the conditions in Greece and we are not disappointed.”

Jupiter’s head of grapes, Damian Sutherland added: “The developments on farm this year are first rate and we are expecting even better results than our previous seasons.

“With our exclusive Arra varieties and superb quality traditional table grapes, we’re excited for the 2021/22 season ahead.”

The varieties grown by Jupiter Group in Greece now include Arra 15 (Sweeties), Arra 19 (Passion Glow) Arra 32 (Arra Mystic Dream), Sweet Globe, Sugar Crisp and Jack Salute as well as more traditional cultivars.