Andrea Peviani and Fabio Zanesco will head up the new consortium, made up of 11 European kiwifruit producers

The Kikoka Kiwi Consortium (Europe) has elected Andrea Peviani of Peviani as its first president and appointed Vip’s Fabio Zanesco as executive director, effective from 1 September.


(l-r) Fabio Zanesco, Andrea Peviani and Marco Rivoira

The consortium was set up last month to manage the production and marketing of Kikokà, the name for two protected varieties of yellow-fleshed kiwifruit developed and owned by Italy’s University of Udine. It brings together 11 partners and 1,550ha of licensed cultivated area. A further 200ha are expected to be planted in 2024.

Peviani commented: “It is a great vote of confidence from all shareholders, because we are aware that we are starting almost from scratch. Everything must be put into motion in the coming months in order to be prepared for what the company’s mission is: the sale of the best yellow kiwis, produced and distributed by our partners”.

Zanesco said: “After almost two decades in the apple business, I face this new challenge with great motivation and energy. I am convinced that the market is ready for a new player, which will generate significant volume in the coming years and will have an impact on the strategies of European chains in the main market showcases.

“The product we offer to consumers has an extraordinary taste and will be supported by the agronomic and commercial experience of the members and staff of the Consortium. “Our goal is to become a key supplier and developer of the category on a European scale.”

Marco Rivoira of the Rivoira Group, which holds the worldwide master license for the two varieties, commented: “It all started in 2008, with the testing of thousands of seedlings by our partner New Kiwi Plant and, finally, we have in our hands two fantastic varieties that offer a sustainable agronomic response to our producers and guarantee great consumer satisfaction.

“We have worked hard to build a solid network of partners in Europe and, with the birth of the consortium, we have achieved this. And the consortium will not only be responsible for all sales in the coming decades, but also for the communication and marketing operations of the Kikoka brand in Europe.”

The 11 founding shareholders of the Kikoka Kiwi Consortium (Europe) are: Apo Scaligera, Clementi, Kiwi Uno, OP Armonia, Peviani, Rivoira and Zeoli Fruit, all from Italy; Innatis and Savajol from France; Spain’s Surexport and Zeus Kiwi from Greece.