Perry Dekkers (left) of Prominent spoke to Fruitnet's Mike Knowles at GTC

Research by Dutch tomato grower group Prominent has identified exciting new opportunities to increase European tomato consumption between traditional mealtimes, the group’s Perry Dekkers told the Global Tomato Congress today (16 March).

Following its 2020 study of tomato buying habits in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands, Prominent concluded that there is a huge array of opportunities to grow tomato consumption at breakfast, pre- and post-lunch, as afternoon tapas and in late-night snack. “We need to convince consumers to create tomato time,” Dekkers said.

Generating inspiring recipe ideas for breakfast and snacks is one way to get this message across to consumers, he said. Working with foodservice could also provide a channel for inspiration. Tomato suppliers should also discuss these ideas with their retail partners, Dekkers advised.

Concluding his presentation, Dekkers appealed to Tomato Congress delegates to “inspire your shoppers to enjoy more tomato times. Please join our challenge”.