Certification scheme recognises products tested by rigorous consumer tasting panels

Nufri’s Envy apple has been awarded the Taste of the Year 2024 quality seal for Spain and Portugal. The certification scheme covers products that score highly in consumer taste tests.

Nufri apples Envy A

In a blind tasting panel of more than 80 consumers, Envy scored 8.53 out of 10 for general satisfaction, obtained from the average values for appearance, smell, flavour and texture (consistency). Furthermore, 81 per cent of the panellists said they would buy the apple.

Run by the Global Quality Group, Taste of the Year has become one of the most valued quality seals thanks to its rigorous and impartial testing methodology, winning the trust of consumers, manufacturers and distributors alike.

Nufri said the award “contributes to reinforcing the positioning of the attributes of flavour and quality and enhanced the brand image, based on consumer recognition and trust”.

Nufri’s Envy apple plantations are located in the heart of La Rasa (Soria), where the geographic conditions are ideally suited to the cultivation of high-quality apples thanks to its altitude, cold winters and hot, dry summers, and rich and fertile soil.

“All this together with a way of growing that respects the environment, following the guidelines of integrated production agriculture, allows us to produce a quality apple with high nutritional content,” Nufri said.