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Raffaella Orsero

Italian importer the Orsero Group has announced a major step in the company's efforts toward greater environmental sustainability, social responsibility and governance (ESG), with the development of a strategic plan for ESG (2022-2025) and the creation of a brand-new dedicated department.

The department will apparently be responsible for developing and implementing projects related to the group's sustainable growth, as well as drafting the Sustainability Report.

Orsero has also signed an agreement with tech company MESA, which was founded at the Legino University Campus of the University of Genoa, to implement IMPACT software.

'The platform, certified according to the GRI (global reporting initiative) international standard, will allow us to streamline the processes for the realisation of the Sustainability Report, thanks to the digital implementation of strategies and sustainability plans, the constant monitoring of the objectives achieved and the reporting of results,' the company stated.

Raffaella Orsero, vice president and CEO, commented: 'We have been preparing the Sustainability Report for two years, which reports on all the initiatives taken by the companies of our Group in the field of sustainability. This year we decided to take a further step forward because we believe that sustainability is a strategic and distinctive theme for our company.

'With the creation of the new corporate function dedicated to ESG issues, we want to work on the preparation of a multi-year strategic plan that brings value to the Group and that defines challenging and precise objectives, shared by all the people who work in Orsero, to be achieved together.'