Supplier underlines its commitment to sales growth in berries with two enormous advertisements in the centre of Milan

Orsero berry advert Milan

Orsero’s giant berry billboards

Italian company Gruppo Orsero’s commitment to growing its share of the domestic berry market are writ large across two giant public advertisements in Milan this summer.

The so-called maxi billboards, which are located at a major traffic and pedestrian interchange on a major thoroughfare called Corso Venezia, were unveiled at the start of July and will be on display for two weeks.

They feature giant-sized blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, currants and wild strawberries, a mouthwatering image conceived by Milan-based agency Quiqueg and designed to inspire and entice passers-by on the city’s hot summer days.

Orsero recently entered into a new joint venture business called Frutti di Gil with category experts Cerchia Holding to develop sales of fresh berries in Italy.

[Orsero Group and Molari family buy into berry joint venture](