Pink Lady® apple with sticker

Following last season’s strong performance, Pink Lady has announced a positive outlook for the new apple campaign, thanks to good climatic conditions and encouraging signs of fruit growth.

The Pink Lady Europe Association (APLE) anticipates production of 200,000 tonnes of Pink Lady apples this season, while the total apple market in Europe is expected to be down by 10.5m tonnes.

“Recruitment, quality and fostering loyalty will continue to be key to the Pink Lady strategy for the new season through an effective and meaningful communication and trade marketing plan,” the association revealed. “The success of ‘Bee Pink’ and ‘Adopt a Tree’ last season proved the importance of offering innovative activities reflecting themes tackled by Pink Lady in its corporate responsibility policy.”

This season, Pink Lady wants to build on this strategy with new campaigns highlighting the values and commitments of the brand, including a celebration of gourmandise with ‘Pink Cookers’, a Europe-wide search for recipes, and a commitment to biodiversity and the protection of bees through the distribution of ‘Seeds of Love’.

These shop-based operations will be publicised on social media and through the consumer club Pinkmylife, which has more than 240,000 members. They will offer both PinKids and Pink Lady, available loose and in packs, with the aim of improving the sustainability of the Pinkids range.

In terms of communication, Pink Lady will pursue TV, online and print promotionsm with three media campaigns bringing together product values and the industry’s commitments, including the creation of an educational webzine on responsible agriculture, events that offer the opportunity to meet producers, and more content and videos in partnership with journalists in order to show the reality on the ground.

On the industry side, in 2020 Pink Lady will launch its Commitment Charter. “With 10 challenges and short- and medium-term objectives, championed by all the association’s members, the charter will allow us to accelerate the industry’s work on environmental, social and corporate themes,” the association revealed.

This season, a complete range of Pink Lady zero-plastic packaging will be made available by retail partners, including trays, crates and flow wrapping, while the work of the Pink Lab group will continue on research and innovation, including the creation of a MiiMOSA crowdfunding platform targeting producers. In addition, collaboration will reportedly increase between Pink Lady and non-governmental organisations and environmental experts.