Group aims to contribute to a more sustainable supply chain for fresh fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable importer Port International has announced that it has become an official member of SIFAV (Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables).

Port International joins SIFAV

The initiative’s purpose is to actively contribute to a more sustainable supply chain for fresh fruit and vegetables, in terms of its economical, ecological, and social aspects.

SIFAV focuses on the reduction of the ecological footprint of individual products and their supply chains, the improvement of work conditions and income, as well as on the strengthening of reporting and transparency.

Goals include the reduction in carbon footprint of 25 per cent, a reduction in food loss and waste of 25 per cent, and the implementation of a water standard for 70 per cent of the volume in regions with high water risk.

Other aims are the implementation of social standards for 90 per cent of the volume in high or medium risk countries, analysing wage levels and introducing measures to achieve a living wage or income, and the implementation of corporate governance by taking into account humanitarian risks as well as ecological and social risks along the entire supply chain.

Port International noted that by joining the initiative it was making a clear statement for climate protection and expanding its activities and efforts on the matter.

“We are glad that we joined this committed initiative,” said Marlene Kühling and Jan Köbbing of Port’s sustainability department. ”SIFAV’s ambitious goals help us implement measures together with our supply chain partners and learn from each other in the process.”