Port International Leyre strawberry

Port International has announced that it will begin selling Leyre strawberries from the end of November, as it expands its premium range in the berry segment.

Port will import the fruit exclusively from Greece and, as of February, from Huelva in Spain. It will be supplied to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

According to the Hamburg-based company, the variety has an 'exquisite taste' and high Brix values throughout the season.

Leyre has an elongated conical shape, with the seeds seated directly on the surface and no or only a small cavity inside the fruit. The variety also boasts an above-average shelf life.

'We are excited about the opportunity to offer our customers a unique product that is not only visually very appealing, but also convinces with exquisite taste,' explained André Lüling, managing director of Port International European Sourcing.