With around 8,500 tonnes available this season and plenty more on the way, the small and sweet Italian apple has already made a big impression on the international market

RedPop apples packs

RedPop apples will be sold in convenient two-packs this season

A small, sweet apple called RedPop continues to make a big impression across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, according to Italian supplier and brand owner Vog.

With a crop of 8,000 tonnes this season, plus 500 tonnes of organic, availability has increased dramatically since the licensed variety was launched in early 2022. And by 2028, that volume is expected to double.

For Vog, the emphasis is very much on convincing consumers and retailers to think of RedPop as different to the norm, and in particular a product that can shake up the apple offer.

That’s because its smaller size and its sweetness mean it can be positioned more convincingly as a healthy and enjoyable snack.

“With its rebellious personality, RedPop is opening up a new segment for the category,” explains Vog marketing manager Hannes Tauber. “Thanks to its size and resistance, it’s the perfect apple for putting in your pocket or backpack, ready for eating as a special treat.

“Between work meetings, while you’re on the move, or between meals, RedPop provides the sweetness you need to restore your equilibrium and revitalise your rebellious spirit.”

During March, greater availability is expected to be met with strong in Europe and other international markets. The feedback from retailers has apparently been overwhelmingly positive.

It is hoped that the variety’s fresh and colourful brand identity can attract a new and loyal following, including the youngest consumers.

This year, RedPop is also available in a clear two-fruit snack pack, a format developed to encourage consumers to take the fruit with them on the go.

“With this pack, we can strongly position the apple in the snack segment, and the first tests conducted in Italy and Germany have been successful,” comments Vog sales manager Klaus Hölzl.

“What’s more, this apple is achieving great success in Europe and also beyond, with demand from Asian countries and Central and South America.”

He adds: “It’s particularly popular in the UK, where the little rebel is taking over the fruit counters at Waitrose. The main sales season will begin in March and we’re planning to continue offering the markets this little big sweet until August/September.”