With diets and meat-free resolutions plentiful at the start of 2023, Raisins SA is suggesting consumers make a healthy choice

South African Sultanas are being pitched as the ideal ingredient in new year diets and meat-free resolutions.

SA Sultana on spoon Raisins South Africa

During Veganuary, producers have highlighted the benefits of SA Sultanas as consumers look to reduce their meat consumption and swap in healthy and tasty alternative foods.

Raisins SA highlighted how Sultanas had a number of benefits, featuring a sweeter taste profile, with a ”caramelised, honey-like flavour and a softer, plumper texture that is less chewy and easy to eat”.

According to the organisation, SA Sultanas provide a natural, cost-effective and enjoyable addition to the healthy-eating mix, with health experts recommending a mixture of fresh and dried fruit.

”They are a natural powerhouse, full of fibre, iron, calcium and antioxidants, with the nutrients packed into the Sultanas as most of the water is extracted, meaning consumers can eat less to achieve one of their 5 A Day,” Raisins SA stated.

“We know that consumers put a special emphasis on their diets in the new year, and that the popularity of meat-free trends like Veganuary means they are seeking out alternative ingredients that are both tasty and healthy,” said Ferdie Botha, chief executive of Raisins South Africa.

”SA Sultanas meet these needs and we will be keen to encourage consumers to discover these wonderful products and to see them as a long-term addition to their shopping baskets.”

The SA Sultanas marketing campaign for the new year focuses on trade and social media activity, accentuating the key differences between Sultanas and other raisins and highlighting to both buyers and consumers the wide variety of benefits offered by South African product.